Beti No. 1

Released in : 2000
Starring : Govinda, Rambha
Music : Viju Shah
Direction : Rama Rao

Beti No.1 (English: Daughter No.1) is a Bollywood film starring Govinda and Rambha in the lead roles. The film is a comedy, written by Santosh Saroj and directed by Rama Rao Tatineni. The film was released on 13 October 2000. The film is a remake of Malayalam film Aadyathe Kanmani.l.


Shrine of Remembrance

Tune Jo Liya Mera Chumma song

Shrine of Remembrance – Melbourne
The Arts Centre

Tune Jo Liya Mera Chumma song

The Arts Centre – Melbourne
Werribee Park Mansion

Dilruba O song

Werribee Park Mansion – Victoria, Australia
Queen Victoria Gardens

Tune Jo Liya Mera Chumma song

Queen Victoria Gardens – Melbourne, Australia