Released in : 2012
Starring : Aadi, Shanvi, Anchal
Music : Anoop Rubens
Direction : B. Jaya

Lovely is a 2012 Telugu film written and directed by B. Jaya. The film was produced by B. A. Raju and Anoop Rubens has composed music for the film. The film stars Aadi and Shanvi in lead roles. The film was a joint production between R. R. Movie Makers and RJ Cinemas. Alongside direction both…


Athirapilly Falls

Evo Evevo song

Athirappilly Falls – Chalakkudy, Kerala

Ninnu Chusina song

Pamukkale – Turkey

Ninnu Chusina song

Ephesus – Turkey

Ninnu Chusina song

Cappadocia – Turkey
Temple of Apollo

Ninnu Chusina song

Temple of Apollo – Side, Turkey